Areas of Use

Starch and starch-based sugars are used as important raw materials in food and industrial sectors

Sectors Where the Starch is Used


Starch is used as a source of carbohydrates and an active filler in the preparation of food products such as soups, puddings, halvah, crackers, creams and pastries.

.Corrugated Cardboard: 
Used as a main raw material when preparing the glue that adheres the rolled/corrugated and flat surfaces.

Starch is the raw material of the sizing/dressing mixture which is prepared in order to increase the physical quality of the thread in the textile industry.

.Paper :
Used in forming the paper mass and as a surface glue and a strength/stability provider to the paper. 

Starch is used as a binder/fastener in press coal which is obtained by pressing the coal dust.

.Glue and Adhesives:
Used as the main raw material in lamination and adhesive labels.

Starch-Based Sugars:

.Beverage Sector :

Because the fructose syrups used in non-alcoholic beverages do not lose their significance in acidic environments, they carry an important advantage, in terms of product stability, compared to sucrose.

Aside from acidic beverages, they are also used in fruit juices as a sweeter and a source of carbohydrate. 

.Baked Goods : 
Glucose Syrups are a source of carbohydrate in baked goods containing yeast. They are generally used as coloring and darkening. .

In addition, it helps prolong self-life by providing moisture in products.

.Chewing Gum : 
Glucose Syrups in high-dry substances are necessary in terms of boiling and adding less water during production.

.Jams and Marmalades :
Glucose Syrups are necessary in these products in terms of preventing crystal formations, providing proper viscosity, improving taste and appearance, and preventing microbial spoilage.

.Halvah :
Using glucose syrups provides a particular quality advantage to halwa. These help with improving the structure and texture as well as reaching the desired consistency with the product reducing the use of emulsifier.

.Marshmallow :
Glucose Syrups provide better whipping and durable bubbly structure to the product and as a result a desired viscosity and moisture level is obtained.

.Sweets :
Prevents the crystallization caused by sugar, reduces excessive sweetness and used as a builder and sweetener.

.Ice Cream :
Used for raising the melting point, building and as a sweetener.